Run Wild

Who is Heal the Bay?

​Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit based in Santa Monica dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean. We do this work for the millions of people who visit the Bay each year, as well as the thousands of animal species that call it home. Our vision is to leave sustainable shorelines and thriving inland watersheds for generations to come.

​What do we do?

​Using passionate advocacy, we fight for improved water quality throughout our region. Employing sound science, we protect the animals that inhabit Santa Monica Bay and its surrounding watersheds. Mobilizing communities, we organize 25,000 volunteers each year to improve local beaches and neighborhoods. Deploying hands-on marine education, we inspire 100,000 youth annually to become future stewards of the environment. 

​Why a 5k?

​In the past, 5k runs have proven themselves to be excellent events for engaging families, schools, businesses, and our target demographic - Millennials and Generation Z. The Night Nation Run in Pomona has attracted over a million participants, while Cupid's Undie Run has garnered over 11,000 participants in 30 cities across the US. The world-famous Color Run has a support base of over 6 million participants in more than 35 countries.

With a $25 participant fee, a fundraising average of $560 per participant, and at least 25 participants at Run Wild, this event will be a great opportunity to raise visibility, increase engagement, and develop lifelong relationships with donors invested in our cause.

​What is The Generosity Series?

​This not-for-profit organization was launched in 2005 with the mission to provide all charities a powerful peer-to-peer fundraising platform without the heavy lifting, risk and expense that typically accompany Run/Walk events. It has since organized over 20 events across more than 7 cities, and has been helping Charity Partners Generate Generosity, raising over $7 million.

​How do we move forward?

​If you're interested in highlighting your continued commitment to healing the bay in ways that emphasize your brand, get in touch with us. We would love to take the next step with you.